We are thrilled to announce our newest brand ambassador, Kerri Verna!  Kerri has a very large following on social media and once you check her out on instagram (@beachyogagirl) you will see that this comes as no surprise.  She is a wife, mother, avid yogi and enjoys her hobby of photography.  She spends her days teaching yoga classes and inspiring people to embrace who they are truly meant to be. We are delighted to be partnering with her as she embodies so many qualities that will inspire our Lotus fans.  Read our interview with her to learn more about this amazing woman and be sure to follow her on instagram to get your daily dose of positivity and inspiration!

Kerri 1How did you become passionate about your craft? I was always over weight and didn’t feel good about myself.  I decided at age 30 to change my life and I signed up for many teacher trainings/certifications.  I hold 15 fitness certifications and currently am enrolled in 200 hours of Ashtanga training.  I also opened my own pottery business which allowed me to stay home with my kids while they were babies.  Now, I’m approaching 40 and I’d like to inspire women in my age group that they can do anything they want.

Kerri 2What inspires you? Mostly God – and my relationship with Him.  He connects me with people who are perfect for me at that moment in my life. My husband and children are amazing and their zest for life encourages me.  I have a few fitness friends who are amazing and one day I will have their strength and flexibility.

In which ways do you feel you inspire others? By just being me – being honest about my failures and helping others with their own goals.

What is your favorite city/place in the world and what do you love about it? Hawaii.  It is gorgeous and I love the laid back atmosphere.

Kerri 3What is your idea of happiness? For me it’s more about living in Joy and I only get that from God.  Happiness is fleeting and comes and goes from minute to minute.  I will say that I live in Joy daily due to my relationship with God.

Kerri, we are thrilled to have you a part of the Lotus Team!!!