Summer…’s by far my favorite season. Since I became an east-coaster 8 years ago I’ve developed an even deeper appreciation for the season filled with bbq’s, fireflies, play time at the beach and good times with friends. For me, it is such a deep needed reprieve from the cold isolation of winter. Summertime brings everyone together as we all enjoy the warmth of the sun, almost as a tribesman would do. The thing I love most about this glorious season, by far, is all of the concerts that roll through town. There are few things I can think of that make me happier than live music.  Watching the people, all smiles, swaying their bodies. Feeling the base drum beating in your chest, the dynamic of the band members………the talent is awe inspiring!  I think it’s so important to cultivate what it is you are meant to do in this life and I love watching people who have chased their dreams, achieved success and are able to share that with others.  The most transparent way for me to see that is through the life of a musician. Music is one of the greatest gifts in life!            -Courtney

Me and Erik enjoying the heat and the music.

Erik and me enjoying a hot summer night lit up with live music.

Concert with Julian Marley, Pennywise & Sublime!

Concert with Julian Marley, Pennywise & Sublime at Pier Six Pavilion, Baltimore!