Cassidy Weaver

Tell us about your role here at Lotus:

Officially my role is as a production assistant, though that makes it sound really technical. At Lotus, I am one of the many pairs of hands that lovingly make each piece of jewelry every day from start to finish. Unofficially I am also the person who always has the one random thing you need, whether it is found in my work bench or in my infinite Mary Poppins purse.

What inspires you as a designer?

As a designer, I'm always inspired by the idea of balance with form and function. Each piece needs to be a work of art on its own, but it also needs to be worn as the artist intends it to be. Considering how far something can be pushed while still keeping its form and function is a satisfying challenge to me. More creatively, how something is worn on the human body is also a big inspiration.

What are some fun facts about yourself that you would love for people to know about you?

I love animal-related adventures. In 2019 I fulfilled a dream of meeting kangaroos and wallabies at the Busch Gardens Zoo! One of my proudest pieces I have ever created is a "life-sized" dinosaur statue named Stella, the triceratops and I painted her entire body in sugar skull style. She was auctioned off, sponsored by Miller Brewing Company, with the proceeds supporting a local women's shelter. I have a corgi puppy named Willow and I love collecting stickers and pins everywhere I go. A cool restaurant, concert or trip to a new place is always a good excuse to find a new spot on my jewelers bench for a fun sticker.

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