Olivia McGavisk

Tell us about your role here at Lotus:

My role at Lotus is primarily a production artist. When orders come in, I am one of the jewelers working on the bench to create the jewelry from start to finish. I also contributes designs every season.

What inspires you as a designer?

I am inspired by badass women who have an individual sense of style. I keep up to date with current fashion trends but am ultimately drawn to an effortless and classic look. While designing jewelry, I make pieces inspired by geometric designs that are simple enough to wear every day, yet still make a statement.

What are some fun facts about yourself that you would love for people to know about you?

I studied ceramics in college and love working with clay any chance I get. While in school I made handmade ceramic beads and incorporated them into my own jewelry designs. I am passionate about music and have been playing guitar since I was young. I love to travel, cook, get drinks with friends, and recently made my first batch of home-brewed beer.

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