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Viewing: Courtney Legenhausen

Courtney Legenhausen

Courtney Legenhausen

Tell us about your role here at Lotus:

I am the owner here at Lotus (along with my husband, Erik) and head designer! Most days you can find me doing our finances, pricing and coding product, overseeing incoming orders, production levels and inventory statuses etc. The list is long! Sounds glamorous, right?! The most important role I have is being in charge of the creative direction of the company as well as product development for our entire jewelry line.

What inspires you as a designer?

So many things inspire me! I’m obsessed with fashion and a lot of my designs come from the creative place of complimenting clothing. I like creating timeless pieces so I often scale back my designs to make them more simplistic so they can appeal to the masses. Nature is a huge source of inspiration for me as well as architecture. I love the bold and chunky trend right now and you will see that come through in many of my current designs.

What are some fun facts about yourself that you would love for people to know about you?

I was born and raised in southern California and that has greatly affected who I am. I absolutely love live music and going to concerts (I love a good hippie music festival!) I have two amazing young kids that make my world go ‘round. I love all things domestic and you will often find me cooking, baking, decorating and gardening, with a glass of wine in hand. Erik and I are both very social people. We love to entertain and throw parties. We host an annual Oktoberfest party for over 300 people ever year. Human connection is a huge contributor to my happiness.

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